Allen Xie

I'm a full stack web developer in Toronto Canada.

My Utilities
(2010 Dec - Present)

Certified Magento Developer, Toronto Canada.

  • Currently focus on backend development on Magento 1 and 2.
  • Used to be full stack development on Magento 1.
Participated in the following launches & maintenance services
(2010 Dec - 2012 April)

Senior Software Architect

  • Transformed Magento from a retail store platform into a social gifting platform
  • Implemented gift event handling as an extension.
  • Used Facebook API for sending out notifications and inviting friends
Gift handling extension features
  • Gift event creation wizard (Select gift, notify friends and create an event page)
  • Gift event management for both customer and site admin
  • Custom checkout logic for chipping in and receiving gift.
  • A javascript plugin that allows other online shops to create a gift event with their products.
  • Custom search popup that similar to Kickstarter
Seneca College (2008 Summer - 2010 Spring)
SCS Homepage -
(In service from 2009 Fall - 2016)
  • Maintained the old system while building the new system with Drupal 6
  • Migrated from the old system to Drupal 6
  • Designed the frontend UI.
  • Designed and implemented the new system based on the existing site structure.
  • Built various custom modules to ease the content management of program, course and information pages.
  • Migrated the existing data to Drupal 6 node system with various automated helpers
FSOSS -, ver 2009 and 2010
  • Designed and implemented the new system in Drupal 6 with community modules and template.
  • Automated speakers and events registration.
  • Implemented online user survey and user feedback.
  • Built a helper that generates a schedule for confirmed events.