Factorio ERM Server Message Board

This server is for public playthrough with Enemy Race Manager and its race mods. This message board tracks the important events such as base time travel or new season. You may take the challenge to save a wrecked base from any map snapshot.

You can connect by using either method

Current Server Mods / Setting

Current Event Recorder (Season 1)

2021 Nov 11

Season 1 Starts

Record #S1R001 - 2021 DEC 01

Incident: Base raided from all sides during a power outage.

Cause: Engineer did not repair the destroyed coal supply train for power generators.

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Record #S1R002 - 2022 Jan 16

Incident: ???

Cause: Forgot the reason for this backup.

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Record #S1R003 - 2022 APR 16

Incident: Polluted Belt

Cause: Incorrectly named an ore station :D

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Record #S1R004 - 2022 AUG 22

Incident: 420 hours reached


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